To bring out the full potential of every manufacturing business by providing a well-defined solution in the form of process optimization and maximum resource utilization.

Who We Are

Founded in the year 2005, Freedom Software Solutions has positioned itself as a leading entERPrise software provider for manufacturing businesses in India

Our organized work flow, and years of experience in the field of mechanical engineering and manufacturing has made us the leader in providing excellent business solutions for B2B manufacturing facilities like automotive OEMs, machining vendors, special component manufacturers, etc.

We assist in the growth of our client's businesses by improving their service quality, enhancing their business processes, and improving resource utilization; thus improving overall productivity and ROI of their business.

Our Potential

Since most of the associates of Freedom Software were from the mechanical engineering domain. The pain involved in operating a manufacturing business is well understood by the team FSS. We can quickly grasp the problem area of your business and lay a proper plan in no time for a clear-cut optimization.

Obsession towards Quality

An underlying obsession for perfection drives us to deliver upper grade work standards to optimize our clients' business in a positive way. Our zero tolerance approach towards quality ensures there's no gap left which can slow down your overall growth progress.


We have got recognized for the positive impact created by our enterprise software on manufacturing businesses!