Freedom entERPrise offers an integrated order management, inventory, warehouse, accounting, finance, service and human resource management along with CRM (customer relationship management).

Specially made for manufacturing businesses, owners can effectively handle production orders through proper inventory level restocking, and a smart yet efficient planning ability to meet tight deadlines without losing on quality levels.

Accounts and Finance
Boost up your transactions; improve visibility on your cash flow by incorporating your financial operations with other business processes like procurement, sales, and human resources. This ensures great transparency on available funds to make critical decisions on time.

Sales & Marketing
Equip your business with smart tools to efficiently manage the whole sales process and customer lifecycle right from lead generation to final sale. With well-organized customer follow-ups and service, you could feel the real sales improvement, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Inventory Management
Our inventory management system shows you the real-time stock availability status that helps in maintaining optimal stock levels. Freedom entERPrise offers an effective inventory management with which you don't have to worry about last minute overheads due to lack of goods.

Quality Control
With custom quality checks and editable parameters, you can deliver high quality products in great consistency. Reject or rework products that failed the quality screening, ensuring high quality delivery at the scheduled time to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Production Management
Automate production processes and eliminate complexities to maximize business productivity and meet demands on time. Our advanced production planning module simulates the future of production schedules, enabling accurate future map that greatly avoids unexpected downtimes.

Supply Chain Management
Enjoy the logical approach on purchasing raw materials and components for an effortless procurement experience. You can maintain all supplier details and their capacity to successfully manage unforeseen material requirement after fruitful negotiations, saving substantial amount of money.

Service Management
Our smart service management system allows you to configure the service intervals and the required cost of maintenance for each machine, and alerts you on time to look after the machine to avoid downtimes that greatly affects production.

Customer Management
Customer is the king! Our Customer Relationship Management tool lets you maintain custom data formats of all customer data to maintain the service quality for the existing customers, and helps you find new prospects with high conversion possibilities.

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On-Premise EntERPrise

Take total control on the entERPrise with your own IT infrastructure

Cloud EntERPrise

Cloud hosted entERPrise for a glitch free anywhere access from handy devices

Smart CRM

Customer Relationship Management, the term, refers to a systematic approach to handling customer relationships. For selling as well as for marketing, one must have knowledge of everything-leads, queries, customers, sales, feedback, relationship, and requirement and so on. The core CRM work flow is to:
  • Initiate Marketing,
  • Process Sales,
  • Schedule Orders,
  • Provide Support.