Why Freedom?

How Freedom ERP can help your Manufacturing Business?

Made by Manufacturers, for the Manufactures
The core management people from Freedom Software solutions are from the Mechanical Engineering background. This means,
  • Are well aware of common processes
  • Understand the problem area really quick
  • Come up with a working solution at ease

Trained consultants
We have an effective team of veteran business analysts with sound analytical expertise to scrutinize the daily processes of your business.
  • Collect relevant data from the consequent departments of your business
  • develop an effective plan for overall optimization
  • Gets in touch with our tech-team to bring out the best.

Tailored For Specific Industry
Tailored For Specific Industry No business has similar process streams, and we know that! Requirements differ from business to business. Freedom software is ready to customize the whole entERPrise to match your exact needs without any discrepancy.
  • We provide you with a carefully tailored fully functional dashboard
  • View your real-time business progress in the way you want.

Our deployment team will provide an extremely informative training to the users of our application associated with our clients business.
  • Onsite and online training options
  • Bunch of useful training materials
  • Documents, process flows, step by step guides, and videos

Quick Deployment
We do not want you to wait long. We go live in 6 weeks flat! Yes, once both the parties are clear with the work flow,
  • entERPrise will be deployed in a clean sweep mode without a single anomaly
  • The ready to use attribute of our entERPrise will delight our customers
  • The end goal of improved business efficiency could be met sooner

Benefits of Deploying Freedom ERP to Your Business!

Automated and Simplified Process
Soon after the deployment of our entERPrise suit on your business, you will feel a substantial reduction in the turbulence of your business, and will start sailing smoothly.You could now enjoy a well-organized business that yields real results.
  • Repetitive tasks will be automated, processes are optimized
  • Enjoy a well-organized business that yields real results.

Decide Smartly
Complete business progress monitoring through custom dashboard allows you to make timely decisions during tensed situations which might go worse when you don't react on time.
  • Receive alert messages that require decisive actions right away
  • Know resource demands or any other issues in advance
  • enjoy some cushion time to make the right decisions to stay safe

Every stakeholder of a business is provided with real time information on each transaction made. The real time access to the key information allows you to make critical decision on time, maintaining an edge against your competition.
  • Freedom ERP provides you with a 360 degree visibility into your daily operations and transactions,
  • Trace the problem area clearly, and come up with immediate action to avoid overheads

Improved efficiency, and ROI
We help you find the gaps in your business processes that lead to poor efficiency.
  • Maximum productivity within less utilization of resources
  • Improve employee and customer loyalty, improving your ROI significantly.

Customer Retention
For a B2B manufacturer, loyalty of existing customers is more important than obtaining new customers.
  • Helps you to keep full track on your existing customers
  • Assists you in finding new potential leads
  • Smart marketing plans and campaign management