Founded in the year 2005, Freedom Software Solutions has positioned itself as a leading entERPrise software provider for manufacturing businesses in India.

About Us

About Freedom Software Solutions

A Leading entERPrise ERP Solution Provider!

A unique user friendly yet highly effective ERP software that makes all manufacturing businesses free from complexities. The product has been designed to help the SME sector quickly and accurately access the efficiency to make alternate plans; thus, not only reducing the stress in the system but also saving them their precious time.

Our Vision

To assist in the growth of our client’s businesses by enhancing their business processes & service quality, thus improving overall productivity & ROI of their business.

Our Mission

To bring out the full potential of every manufacturing business by providing a well-defined solution in the form of process optimization and maximum resource utilization.

Our Potential

Since most of the associates of Freedom Software were from the mechanical engineering domain. The pain involved in operating a manufacturing business is well understood by the team FSS. We can quickly grasp the problem area of your business and lay a proper plan in no time for a clear-cut optimization. 

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We have got recognized for the positive impact created by our ERP Solutions on manufacturing businesses!

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Why Choose Us

An underlying obsession for perfection drives us to deliver upper grade work standards to optimize our clients’ business in a positive way. Our zero tolerance approach towards quality ensures there’s no gap left which can slow down your overall growth progress.

Made by Manufacturers, for the Manufactures

Since we are well aware of common processes, we understand the problem area quickly & come up with a working solution at ease.

Trained Consultants

We have an effective team of veteran business analysts with sound analytical expertise to scrutinize the daily processes of your business.

Quick Deployment

We do not want you to wait long. We go live in 6 weeks flat!
  • entERPrise will be deployed in a clean sweep mode
  • Both the parties are clear with the workflow
  • Ready to use attribute will delight our customers
  • End goal of improved business efficiency could be met sooner

Tailored for Specific Industry

No business process is same, the requirements differ from business to business. We are ready to customize the whole entERPrise to match your exact needs without any discrepancy.


Our deployment team will provide an extremely informative training provided both onsite & online options, with step by step guides and videos.
Questions and Answers

General FAQs on ERP

The selection process for ERP Solution can be especially challenging. Nobody is born understanding how ERP systems work or the benefits they can offer your business. Everyone wants a fuel driving productivity, better decision-making, continual process improvement, operational efficiency, and much more. Choosing and implementing the right ERP system may indeed be mission-critical, so contact us to get more information about the features of Freedom ERP

An ERP is a software that integrates all the departments in an organization which in turn helps to maintain a standard work-flow, giving complete details on day to day activities. It helps in optimum utilization of the resources and thus improves the overall efficiency in delivering quality products.

One of the inherent benefits of ERP software is that all information is stored in a single database, which helps streamline operations across multiple departments. This makes it easy for any given employee with the right user permissions to quickly look up inventory, customer, or sales information in order to make informed decisions. Enterprise Resource Planning allows your business to proactively plan for the future and business growth.

Spend a few minutes thinking about how employees at your company record, track and process information. When sales, inventory and customer data are maintained separately, it can create serious problems across your company. With an ERP system, on the other hand, staff in every department will have access to the same, up-to-the-minute information.

The basic difference between On-premises and Cloud-based ERP is in how the software is deployed and accessed. On-premises ERP software is installed on computers and servers that are owned, or leased, by the organization. Cloud-based ERP is deployed on the cloud (servers are owned or leased by the vendor) and accessed through a web browser.

FAQ on ERP Solution
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