Benefits of ERP Software for Rubber Industries

ERP Software for Rubber Industry 

Rubber manufacturing is seeing a continuous rise in demand. The use of rubber products is always increasing and hence creating good opportunities for import and export businesses in India. Our country has become the largest exporter of rubber products inclusive of many small scale industries. But there is always a variable price range of raw materials. Also the product life cycle of the rubber items is very less. These factors cause a great price change with the manufacturers thus facing challenges with producing good quality products. They also face continuous challenges that affect their revenue with varying marketing demands. 

erp for rubber industry

To overcome all the issues and manage the operations to efficiently serve against all the odds, a powerful ERP software is required. The rubber industry produces many items from small to larger products that have a little to longer life span. Fixing prices to the products with lesser life span is a competitive factor as the users get attracted and afford to spend little pricing. This is a bigger challenge for rubber industries where they focus on reducing the operation costs and  

wastage of materials during production. The ERP software will completely take care of production and inventory requirements of businesses. 

Benefits of ERP for Rubber industry :

  • The ERP software is designed in a way that captures each and every process in the manufacturing floor. From raw materials till the finished goods, since each entry is entered into the database it gives you a clear visibility on the real time data.
  • Stock inventory value is the important data which should have easy access at any time to see what is happening in the business. This data is given by the inventory module in ERP.
  • ERP for the rubber industry will allow you better management and stronger control of your raw materials.
  • When it comes to rubber it involves multiple designs and procedures to get the final product. With the help of ERP software this process can be speeded up. Hence capable to map the clients requirements into plan.
  • Any mistakes or misunderstanding in the client’s exact requirements/designs will lead to wastage in huge money. The ERP helps you with correct calculation and prevents any error in advance by giving warning notification.
  • The next bigger issue is the waste generated in the production process. Since the rubber industry involves molding of shaped to attain the final product, there is more chance that the raw materials could be utilized in a wrong calculation. But using an ERP software the right amount of material for the given quantity is calculated accurately and this gives you the exact wastage amount in prior.
  • Quality is another important factor that helps you gain customer loyalty. Thus ERP software provides you with a separate module for quality standards making sure each product is of best quality. 

Conclusion :

Freedom ERP is an industry specific software tool designed to serve the rubber industry. With centralized databases, accurate real time data, efficient utilization of raw materials and production planning techniques, the rubber industry will be able to beat the competition. They can serve the users with cost effective and affordable products with better quality at the same time. For more information about Freedom ERP, contact us or fix a free demo now!

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