How “Planning Module” in ERP helps your Business ?

Hope you would have got the idea about ERP Software as a whole. Previously we have seen the features of CRM and Sales. Now the next operation in your business will be Planning the Production Process. So let’s see what benefits you can expect from having Planning Module in ERP.

Once you have received your sales order, it means the production processes for that order have to begin. A product can have various processes of the job done until it comes out as a finished good. Those various processes will be needed with respective machines and a required amount of raw materials. All these must be checked for its availability and its calendar should be fixed.

Planning Module in ERP Software

To say in simple words, a planning module helps you to plan and schedule all your tasks. It makes a checklist for resources and tells you whether the job can be done within the time specified. Let’s see the features and functionalities that an ERP offers in a planning module.

Features of Planning Module : 

Work order: It is a document that allocates jobs to the workers. It has information about the product that is to be manufactured in a particular period, assigning respective laborers and machines as per requirement and availability. It is an outline of the project to be completed.

Route Sheet: This is nothing but the sequence of tasks that has to be finished in a given particular order. It is because any final product (FG) is an assembly of various small parts manufactured separately.

Material planning: As the name implies it does the job of checking all the required raw materials in production. Also requesting for new materials if not sufficient or out of stock.

Machine Calendar: While other projects are running as well, it is necessary to use the machine’s time wisely and without overloading its capacity. Hence a proper calendar is fixed based on existing running time.

Capacity planning: This is an important phase that checks for the maximum amount of products that could be delivered in a given duration of time.

Dispatch Plan: It is not only important to produce the goods on time, but to be delivered rightly. Hence checking the availability of delivery persons, vehicles for transportation and planning it accordingly will help to get good reviews from clients.

The above said features portray the importance of having a planning module in an ERP system. So let’s see some of its advantages below,

  • Since the work gets allocated to each worker there are no disputes or confusions in the operation processes.
  • The machine calendar helps you to wisely optimize your machine availability and make the maximum usage out of it.
  • The Capacity planning predicts the possible outcome with available resources and warns you about the additional requirements.
  • Delivering the products on time with good packing created good impressions with customers.

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