Benefits & Features of “Production Module” in ERP Software

In this blog, let’s see the importance and functionalities of a Production Module in ERP. As the name implies, this is the heart of any manufacturing industry. The Production department is where the operations are held converting all your raw materials into the specified output, a final product. The production unit is quite complicated as much as the number of processes involved to produce an F.G

Production Module in ERP Software

The success and growth of your business depend on how well-optimized your production team is. To achieve this, you should simplify the process making it easy for the workers to stick to a smooth routine. This is achieved by the Route sheet, a document containing the sequential order of workflow given to the production team. Now let us go through some of the features of Freedom ERP’s production module.

Features of Production Module :

Production Entry:  Once the route sheet is assigned and the work starts, every detail regarding the process done, is stored regularly.

Product Conversion: During manufacturing, some products may be rejected if it does not meet the specifications required. Those products can be converted/reused for any other processes.

Idle Time: Idle time is when the machine is not running due to some issues or maintenance. Tracking idle time is important to calculate the overall efficiency of your production. Hence lower the idle time higher the performance.

Work Order Summary: Using this MIS report, you can check the progress status (started, ongoing, or completed) of each work order assigned. 

Cycle Time Analysis: It is the time required for the completion of a process or task. 

OEE Machine: Overall Equipment Effectiveness is a score used to check efficiency based on 3 factors Availability, Quality, and Performance. When your OEE is 100%, it means you are producing quality products within the given time.

OEE Employee (Overall Employee Effectiveness): The same applies to an employee, how well a labor has performed his job in a given time and specified quality.

Benefits of Production Module in ERP:

  • Due to its organized workflow, the process is more simplified eliminating unwanted tasks.
  • As each task is assigned separately to the individual workers, it creates a smooth running of the operations also saving time.
  • Since the machines are allocated with operating time and idle time, it is easy for the team to optimize and use them accordingly.
  • Cycle time analysis enables you to calculate the time required to complete the process, hence helpful to forecast the delivery as well as production capacity.
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness score can be used to identify where there is a delay and sort it out regularly. 
  • You can generate customized reports showing the work progress levels.
  • Optimizing the process leads to the production of quality goods at a given time, hence increasing your customer’s satisfaction.

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