Benefits of having a “Sales Module” in ERP Software

We are well aware that ERP has great benefits for any organizations. Now let us see the importance of the Sales Module in ERP system. There are many departments in an organization and the most important area where a business starts is from Sales. A growing company needs complete support and hard work from the Sales people. They play a major role in running a business.

Benefits of Sales Module in ERP

It is the Sales person who visits the customers in terms of any issue. They make sure to maintain a good bond between the existing customers and retain them. Above all they  have the responsibility in finding new customers for the business growth. Hence it is important that a software should help them ease their tasks and save time.

Listed below is the features of any sales module.

  1. Proforma Invoice : It is a bill of sale that is sent in prior before a regular invoice. A proforma invoice is a document having the details of goods or product with its respective price list before its delivery.
  2. Sales DC : The Delivery challan is created at the time of shipment of goods. It has the details of the quantity of products, buyer and seller details. In simple it is the acknowledgement of the products being delivered.
  3. Turnover Analysis : This is a report you can generate using MIS. You can customize and verify the report over a period of time, how much a sales executive has achieved.
  4. Invoice – Target Vs Actual : Using this report, you can compare the achieved vs the fixed target value over the invoice that’s been sent.
  5. Fact Sheet : This feature helps you get instant data over the months of time, the amount of sales done, purchase made and collections received.

Clearly the above listed features greatly help any sales person to save time as every report can be generated instantly with predefined templates.

Benefits of Sales Module in ERP : 

  • The efficient features enable faster task completion and thus driving more leads and enhancing sales performance.
  • Since a centralized database is created, the team finds it easier to find and avoid data duplication.
  • A strong communication is established between the customers and the sales team helping in getting customer satisfaction and retention.
  • The sales data can give a better forecasting on your future sales performance.
  • Order scheduling and tracking delivery ensures the customers are received with products on time, which improves customer ratings.

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