Founded in the year 2005, Freedom Software Solutions has positioned itself as a leading entERPrise software provider for manufacturing businesses in India.

Purchase & Stores

Purchase & Stores Module - ERP Software

ERP for Purchase & Stores serves as the heart of a Manufacturing Industry. An effective inventory management is a major initiation that drives an organization towards success. Most of the investments are being done here. Hence it is very important to efficiently manage the stock. The job of a purchase department is to check for available resources against minimum stock quantity. At the same time they should not exceed the limit. The materials inward and outwards analysis are done to make sure your products/raw materials are being used efficiently and not occupying your store space for a long time.

The other major purpose of the purchase department is to make all the purchases done in prior and avoid the last minute hassles. Imagine a situation where you get several orders at the same time. While checking the inventory you are running out of resources. It is a challenging task to approach & negotiate with different suppliers to get the purchase made within a short duration. This in turn affects your production resulting in delay on delivering the orders. Of Course this would be a nightmare and no one ever wants to face this. Hence to avoid such problems, It is wise to use ERP for purchase & stores department. 

ERP for purchase & stores

Core Functionalities of Purchase & Stores Module

Purchase Requisition

An internal document used by an employee to purchase goods or services on behalf of their firm

Purchase Order

An official document issued by a buyer committing to pay the seller for the sale of specific products or services to be delivered in the future

Stock Issue

The authorization and delivery of shares of stock for sale to the public or the shares thus offered at a particular time.

Store Receipt

Receipt of all materials against Purchase Orders or stores received against local purchases, gifts, aids etc.

Purchase Approval

The flow of actions required from various stakeholders to validate a PO and bring it into effect

Purchase Target

The purchase planning process over a group of similar items in order to meet a determined purchasing target in terms of weight, cost or volume

Stock Summary

A cash flow analysis is a method for checking up on your firm's financial health. It is the study of the movement of cash through your business.

Division Transfer

If you decide to transfer your shares to someone else, you'll have to perform a stock transfer using a stock transfer form

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Founded in the year 2005, Freedom Software Solutions has positioned itself as a leading entERPrise software provider for manufacturing businesses in India.
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Benefits of having ERP for Purchase and Stores :

  • The minimum stock quantity is always maintained
  • The raw material purchases are done cost effectively and not exceeding the assigned limit.
  • The mobile app based and cloud based software enables the supervisors to give respective approvals on the go. This saves time.
  • The materials purchased are inspected and stored in appropriate places that are easy to retrieve when needed, with the help of software entries.
  • Once a project is assigned, the required materials are allocated to the production process by the store department. 
  • The MIS reports shows clear data on non-moving items, stock summary, purchase targets, inward/outward cost estimation etc. This information helps the management to reduce unwanted expenditures.

Sample Graphical Representations

Stock Maintenance-ERP Software
Purchase-Supplier wise Graph

Unique Features of Freedom ERP

Unique Features of Freedom ERP