Founded in the year 2005, Freedom Software Solutions has positioned itself as a leading entERPrise software provider for manufacturing businesses in India.

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing Module - ERP Software

Sales and Marketing is an initial step for all businesses. Any company would want to become successful among its customers and other competitors. Hence an efficient management of sales and marketing activities will help grow a company.

The marketing starts from contacting any audience of people, finding the prospects, collecting their requirements, converting to sales, getting payment done and delivering the goods on time. There are several functionalities to be carried out by the Sales and Marketing team without fail. Every single follow-up can’t be kept in mind. At the same time missing out a task will create a bad impression and affect the sale.

Sales and Marketing in ERP Software
Sales & Marketing Module in Freedom ERP

Core functionalities of Sales and Marketing Module

Quotation Analysis

It gives you an analysis of total number of quotation vs order confirmation.

Sale - Target vs Actual

The sales target measures current sales revenue and compares that to a target or past performance.

Turnover Analysis

The asset turnover ratio can be used as an indicator of the efficiency with which a company is using its assets to generate revenue.

Fact Sheet

A fact sheet is a presentation of information and data in a format that emphasizes key points.

Order Inflow

The order inflow is a key ratio that shows how many orders have been received presented per customer, for parts, over time etc.

Product wise Costing

The product cost can be given, depending upon the customer specific requirements according to their industry types.

Cash flow

A cash flow analysis is a method for checking up on your firm's financial health. It is the study of the movement of cash through your business.

Delivery Rating

Delivery performance can be defined as the level up to which products and services supplied by an organization meet the customer expectation

Benefits of Sales & Marketing module in ERP Software

  • The automated process helps you keep track of prospect’s follow-up through reminders and notifications.
  • Since the data is centralized, the sales team can work on leads without any duplications.
  • Quotation analysis can be done which further helps you in better negotiations as well as track reasons for not succeeding in getting orders.
  • The MIS reports gives a clear illustration on sales achieved vs target, revenue generation, individual targets, turnover analysis, etc.
  • Generate Sales and Proforma Invoice with inbuilt templates. Track all pending payments and collection details.
  • The complete packing and delivery details to the customers can be viewed under a single screen.
  • Sales return goods and the reason for return is analyzed to prevent such issues in future.
  • With all the previous sales and historical data, the software can well predict a better sales forecasting report.

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Founded in the year 2005, Freedom Software Solutions has positioned itself as a leading entERPrise software provider for manufacturing businesses in India.
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