Founded in the year 2005, Freedom Software Solutions has positioned itself as a leading entERPrise software provider for manufacturing businesses in India.

Quality & QMS

Quality & QMS Module - ERP Software

A Quality Management System (QMS) is a collection of business processes focused on consistently meeting customer requirements and their satisfaction. Quality is something that is important to consider when it comes to manufacturing the goods. It is the only aspect where you get more number of customers or lose more number of customers. A business can run successfully at the present but to sustain in a long run, you must earn the trust from your customers. The trust comes once you stick to your quality standards and sustain them at any cost

The manufacturing industries have various checklists to verify. They are raw materials inspection, process inspection, test reports analysis, rejection and rework analysis, instruments check, machine’s quality standards, customer complaints, shipping and all other safety measures that are to be met with respect to the guidelines.

An ERP Software has all the modules and functionalities automated to ensure the quality standards of every single product that is manufactured. These quality standards are set by each company with respect to their manufacturing process and the equipment used. It says how many numbers are to be inspected, ways to handle items rejected, safety measures around the machines and work area to followed, etc

QMS in ERP Software
Quality in ERP

8D Report

8d corrective action report is a problem-solving approach for product and process improvement.


Calibration is the documented comparison of the measurement device to be calibrated against a traceable reference device.

Process Inspection

Information regarding the condition of the products that are defective and need immediate attention.

Test Certification

Certifying the knowledge of individuals and certifying a company's system of quality management.

IQA Report

A way of preventing mistakes and defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering products or services to customers

Skill Matrix

Identifies the skills that a team will need to complete a project successfully

Benefits of Quality Management System (QMS):

  • By delivering standard quality products, you can increase customer’s loyalty.
  • With loyal customers, you get consistent orders from them and also they refer your products to others.
  • This ensures a constant place in the market and increased brand awareness to your company.
  • By being precautious in the work environment, the employees are safe in their job.
  • The quality rules are set to the proper running of the machines and instruments, thus avoiding any damages or a sudden failure which may affect production.
  • The historical data on rejection reasons helps to set more cautious guidelines in the future.

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Founded in the year 2005, Freedom Software Solutions has positioned itself as a leading entERPrise software provider for manufacturing businesses in India.
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